Circle Sanctuary Military Ministries

Circle Sanctuary provides a variety of services free of charge to Wiccan and other Pagan veterans and those presently serving in the United States military.

Overview of Circle Sanctuary religious freedom support for Pagans in the Military

Pagan Military Circles ~ Circle Sanctuary sponsors and supports open Circles at US military installations, including ships, across the USA and overseas, including war zones. Circle Sanctuary also provides Distinctive Faith Group Leader (DFGL) training and endorsement as part of its Circles sponsorship. The Circles and their DFGLs provide spiritual fellowship, study, and ritual. Membership in the Circles is free and is open to Wiccans, Druids, and other Pagans of many paths. For more info, email Dawnwalker, Sponsored Circles coordinator:

Pagan Military Association ~ social network for Pagans who are serving and who have served in the military, their families, their friends & supporters. Open to Pagans of many spiritual paths & organizational affiliations.

Pagan Warrior Radio ~ weekly podcast serving Pagan troops, veterans, and loved ones

Order of the Pentacle ~ Pagan veterans association

Military Pagan Prayer Cards ~ sent free upon request to those serving and their families

Operation Circle Care ~ care packages to Military Pagans deployed overseas & support for active duty Pagan troops and their families

Support Altar ~ at Circle Sanctuary Temple

Pagan Military Service Ribbon ~ ribbon pin is being ceremonially given by Circle Sanctuary ministers at a variety of events across the USA to Pagans currently serving in the US Armed Forces and to Pagan veterans

Warrior Rites

Veterans Ridge ~ honoring deceased Pagan veterans at Circle Sanctuary’s national Pagan cemetery

Pagan War Dead ~ remembering those killed in the line of battle

Veteran Pentacle Quest ~ story of the successful quest to get the Pentacle included on VA-issued gravestones for deceased Wiccan and Pagan veterans

Media Reports ~ public information work in the media

Official website ~ Circle Sanctuary


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