2012 JaxPPD

2012 Jax Pagan Pride Day

September 15, 2012     ~      10 am to 7 pm     ~     Riverside Park


~ Event Coordinators ~

GotEM Sanctuary’s  Jacksonville Pagan Pride Alliance, Inc

2012 Event Sponsor ~ Earth Gifts

~ Charity Drives ~

Non-Perishable Food ~ Waste Not Want Not
Pagan Books ~ Sanctuary Library
Pet Supplies ~ First Coast No More Homeless Pets


~ Rituals ~

Opening Blessing ~ Local Pagan Leaders


Autumn Equinox / Mabon Ritual ~ Dark Waters Grove


~ Local Pagan Covens and Groups ~

Temple of the Mystical Ancient Circle LLC ~ High Priestess: Holly Charland ~ Earth based religion

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) ~ Coordinator: Cuchulain ~ promotes networking among Pagan-identified Unitarian Universalists and provides for the outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan community

Dark Waters Grove ~ Senior Druid: Cuchulain ~ Non-profit & 2012 Gold Sponsor ~ local grove of Neo-Pagan Druids promoting the Indo-European traditions of our ancestors as part of the Ar nDraiocht Fein: Our Druid Fellowship

Chalice Circle Jax ~ Organizer: Bri Starr ~ Fellowship, Community, Friendship and Learning. We are an Open Circle that welcome people from every walk of Paganism, from the novice to the expert, the long time practitioner to those that are only curious about the many different pathways


~ Non-Profit Organizations and Groups ~

Squirrel and Wildlife Rescue ~ loving care of orphaned, injured and nonross-releasable wildlife which include squirrels, raccoons opossums and other small mammals

Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church ~ a warm, open community for celebration and worship, discussion, education, support, and social justice


~ Workshops and Performances ~

Dark Waters Grove ~ Interactive Discussion of Different Pagan Traditions
A round table discussion of the different spiritual paths in the pagan community. This workshop is presented in the hope that we can learn from each other and bring us closer as a community.

Squirrel and Wildlife Rescue ~ The First 24 Hours
Discussion on what you should do the first 24 hours after you rescue an orphaned or injured animal

Temple of the Mystical Ancient Circle LLC ~ Belly Dancing

AcmeMagick ~ Magilus Wand Dueling Tournament
Points based Magic Wand dueling competition for ages 7 and up with chances to win wands

JaxPPD ~ Door Prize Drawing

AcmeMagick ~ Magilus Wand Dueling Tournament
Points based Magic Wand dueling competition for ages 7 and up with chances to win wands

Brian of Treblehawk ~ live music performance

~ Vendors ~

Earth Gifts ~ Vendor & 2012 JaxPPD Event Sponsor! ~ Jacksonville’s largest metaphysicalsupply and gift shop. Rockshop, Crystals, Gemstones, Jewelry, Incense, Oils, Candles, Herbs, Books, Music, Tarot Cards, Feng Shui Supplies, Art Prints, Statuary, and more!Serving the Jacksonville Alternative & Spirit Communities since 1994!1951 Stimson St, Jax, FL 32210 904-389-3690

Amazing Face Painting by Linda ~ Face & Body Painting, Balloon Twisting, Glitter Tattoos & Henna

Rae Razel Costumes ~ amazing custom made Costumes for all ages, handmade Jewelry & Costume Fantasy Photography (changing room and studio at this year’s event!)

Alemah Boutique ~ handmade & unique one of a kind Crafts: reversible fabric bowls, cell phone cases, eye pillows, and more! One of a kind Clothing: unisex pants, hooper pants,skirts, upcycled and vintage clothing. Costumes: belly dance apparel, SCA, Pagan garb

Mary & Mom ~ Tie-dyed Clothing & Accessories

Davas Candles~ Candles, plaster Statues and Dragons

The Midsummer Knight’s Dream ~ “woodbabies” fantasy Puppets and Accessories

AcmeMagick ~ Vendor & 2012 Gold Sponsor ~ Magilus: Game & Wizdom Wand and assorted metaphysical Gifts

Dame Darcy LLC ~ Vendor & 2012 Silver Sponsor ~ Pagan author selling and signing her latest graphic novel, Handbook For Hot Witches

Silver Mermaid ~ eclectic Jewelry and decorated Boxes

Quintessence Aromatherapy & Crystal Healing ~ Vendor & 2012 Silver Sponsor ~ Aromatherapy, Chakra Balancing Sessions, and Amethyst BioMat Therapy Sessions.

The Blue Feather, Inc ~ Vendor & 2012 Silver Sponsor ~ certified Spiritual Medium Readings

Gaias Garden Creations ~ natural Vegan Soaps, Lotions & Salt Scrubs

BeadSerious ~ handcrafted Chainmaille Jewelry and Gifts

Jessica’s Jewels ~ Jewelry, Crafts, and Art

AP Home Crafts ~ handmade items for home use such as Mug Rugs, Dolls, Shopping Bags and more

Feather Hawk & Margaret Mlynarska ~ original handmade jewelry and art

Soap Bomb ~ handmade natural cold process Soaps and Balms

Dragons of Avalon ~ handmade Ritual Wear, Hair wraps, Incense Bottles, homemade assorted Sundries

Passion Parties by Emily ~ Vendor & 2012 Silver Sponsor ~ family friendly booth of skin care, massage, spa, and sensual items that promote relaxation, health, and well being. Emily will be able to discretely discuss Passion Parties with those that inquire.

Lunar Enchantments ~ silver Jewelry, Ritual Tools, Candles, Tarot, and much more at going out of business prices

Whatnots, Watchamacallits & Thingamajiggers ~ Reaper, Dragon, Skull Statuary & T-shirts, and Goth Jewely

Natural Solutions ~ Herbal Products, Jewelry, and Knick-knacks

PeninsulaBay Group, LLC ~ Curated Jewelry and Accessories

Pink Flamingo Arts ~ ceramic Pagan/Halloween Ornaments for painting

Melanie S. Pronia ~ local self-published/indie author of Paranormal Romances & Thrillers, Psychological Thrillers and a non-fiction book

Top Hat Kettle Corn, LLC ~ Kettle Corn, Carmel Corn, Boiled Peanuts and Lemonade!


Want to participate in our community event? Please visit our event application page to read the different options and apply today!

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