2015 JaxPPD


Thank you for an amazing year! We donated 66.7 lbs of food and $28 to Waste Not Want Not Florida & 191.1 lbs of food, litter, and toys as well as $86 to First Coast No More Homeless Pets!

2015 Gold Event Sponsor:

Earth Gifts

Earth Gfts poster


Witch School International

Witch School International


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The Mystic Card

Mystic Card


2015 Bronze Sponsor:

Chosen Path Church

Chosen Path Church


Heart of Manannan, FoA

Heart of Manannán

Compassion League Temple

Sigil (02-07-15-12-47-56)


Sanctuary: Realms of Spiritual Growth

SanctuaryRSG complete

Pagan Covens and Groups

Sanctuary: Realms of Spiritual Growth: We are an open group for those seeking to share spiritual knowledge and growth along their path. Our gatherings include spiritual discussions, classes, workshops, Reiki Shares, guided meditations, hikes, rituals, and spiritual practice. Dustin, our ordained Pagan minister, is available for handfastings, death rites, house cleansings, counseling, and more. We have a Pagan Community Library, where books on several different paths and spiritual topics can be loaned out for reading at home. As part of our community and charity efforts, we developed Jacksonville’s Pagan Pride Alliance, Inc. and host the annual Jacksonville’s Pagan Pride Day.


Chosen Path Church: Founded to provide spiritual, social and educational opportunities for Jacksonville area Correllians and other Pagans.  All Paths are welcomed at Chosen Path Church.  You do not need to be a Correllian to participate with us. We offer rituals in honor of the Goddess and God for all Sabbats and Esbats, a monthly study group, individual rites of passage and other Pagan services. The Correllian-Nativist Tradition teaches that humans interpret Deity in a way that speaks to them.  Each interpretation is as equally valid as the other. We work heavily with the Ancestors and psychic training is a core curriculum for our Clergy. 


Heart of Manannan, Fellowship of Anamastia Coven: A unique Druidic-Wiccan fellowship serving northeastern Florida that encourages the reverence and preservation of the old ways with the inspired inclusion of contemporary Earth-based ideals. We offer fellowship, guidance, and mentorship to those interested in a serious study of Celtic-inspired Witchcraft and Druidism, a harmony we have come to know as “Druidcraft”.  We are open to new members. 


Jacksonville Covenant Unitarian Universalist Pagans: JaxCUUPs is an affinity group that meets at Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church (http://bbuuc.org) and is open to ALL people in the Duval, Clay, Nassau, etc Counties. You do not have to be a member of the church or identify with any particular tradition or religion to attend our meetings. We do celebrate all solar holidays; perform some full or new moon rituals; hold book studies or have open topic discussions. We meet every other Wednesday night.


Celestial Order & Temple of Olympus (E.O.C.T.O.): An LGBT-integrated Religious Organization serving the Occult Pagan & Alternative Spiritual community of Northern Florida. Our mission is currently manifest in 3 localized bodies: Olympic House of Venus-Hathor [OHVH] (Hellenic Alexandrian Witchcraft Tradition), North FL LGBT Witches & Pagans (a center of LGBT Social Resource & Spirituality), and Pillars of Prophecy [POP] (a System of Psychic Mediumship & Spiritualism). We are a family of love, fellowship and worship of the Old Gods celebrating each Full and Dark Moon as well as 10 Religious Sabbat Festivals per year. We believe that all Nature is sacred and that divinity is present in all things. The Old Gods speak to us today through oracles, revealing Their divine wisdom. We offer sacramental rites to all who ask without regard to sex, sexual orientation, race, family status or any other prejudice that separates one from the Union of Nature, Cosmos, & the Divine. EOCTO is 501c3 incorporated in the States of Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, & New York (coming soon).


Compassion League Temple: A fully chartered Correllian Nativist Tradition Temple established in 2013. CLT offers in-person or online mentoring for First, Second, and Third Degree Wiccan studies.  The Correllian Nativist Tradition offers many study opportunities, including Shaman Training. Compassion Crafts, a division of the Temple, provides chemo caps free of charge to any Pagan undergoing treatment regardless of location.  CLT is proud to announce First Coast Crone Connection, a Pagan Circle by women for women in Jacksonville. For more information on monthly gatherings and upcoming Croning ceremonies, emails may be addressed to CompassionLeague@Yahoo.com.



11 am Opening Ritual by Song of First Coast Crone Connection

11:20 am Native Snakes by Tim of Rae Razel

Learn how to identify native snakes of Florida and meet a few as you learn about their behavior and role in our ecosystem!

Belly Dancing with Blue Lotus

Join Gina and her lovely ladies for a brief history of belly dancing followed by a warmup, dance movements, and combinations.

12pm Celtic Tree Lore and Divination by Ragin’ Pagan

Jerry J will lead a workshop on Celtic Tree Lore and Divination. This workshop will discuss the Celtic Tree / Animal Calendar and how the associated Ogham alphabet is used for divination.

12 pm Foundations of Hellenic Alexandrian Witchcraft by Moonraven Iuvantas

A workshop to bring enlightement into modern practices in Occult Paganism & Alternative Spirituality within a Tradition that synthesizes Greek, Roman, & Egyptian magical currents.

1 pm Correllian Soul Retrieval by Witch School International

This workshop deals with Correllian Soul Retrieval, which is a somewhat different technique than the more familiar Shamanic Soul Retrieval, although both techniques have the same goal. Soul Retrieval is a powerful technique of healing and spiritual integration. As we go through life, parts of our energy become trapped and cut off from us through traumatic experiences. For some people a great deal of their spiritual energy may have become blocked and unavailable to them. Soul Retrieval releases these blockages and allows us to reintegrate the energy back into our present lives. Soul Retrieval can be used to address issues from the present life or from past lives and is an important technique for Karmic Disentanglement. From his book “Witch School Lessons for Second Degree”.

2pm Children’s Workshop by JaxPPA’s Volunteer Jamie – Leaf Craft

2pm Tools of the Craft: Practicum of The Magick Wand by John K. Young

We will discuss how to access, visualize, and project metaphysical energy, as well as ethical use and appropriate applications for this tool. Topics will include properties of many kinds of wood and materials and how/when to select or make a wand. Materials will include wands for display, branches and limbs to illustrate spotting a wand in the wild, simple woodworking tools for display, and handouts. Participants will be offered the option of performing a simple spell, under instruction, to strengthen their wand hand. (Materials will be provided.)

3pm International Peace Warriors Intro and Ceremony by Chosen Path Church

This presentation will discuss the need for prayers for peace in today’s world of wars, violence and hate speech. International Peace Warriors is a non-denominational social network which uses social media to enlist people to routinely pray for peace around the world. Through the use of social media peace prayers are shared, schedule events are held, such as global rolling peace prayers, and strategies and tools developed for widening the ripple effect of prayers for peace. Participants will learn about the International Peace Prayer movement, how to assist it, what tools are available to them to participate and where to go to get more information. They will be attuned to a Peace Prayer Sigil and receive a Peace Prayer Sigil to use upon leaving the workshop. The session will conclude with a communal Prayer for Peace ceremony.

3pm Rupert’s Tales and Tunes by Kyrja

Join Rupert the rabbit in this interactive story-time workshop as he learns that intentions and imagination are two of the most-important ingredients in all things magickal. Two children have come to Rupert’s favorite tree in “Rupert’s Magickal Imagination.” Kim wants Rob to help her make a bubble of magick, but Rob isn’t so sure he wants to. He is well-versed in all the tools, herbs, colors, and elements used in creating magick, but wants to know why intention and imagination are so important, and what happens if someone doesn’t believe in magick. Become a Friend of Rupert by singing along with Kyrja about bubbles, birds, and wriggly things! Many surprises are in store for everyone who joins us.

3 pm  Transformative Anger by Draig Spellsinger

Using anger to be active and empowered, rather than passive aggressive, in mundane situations.

4pm Sigil Magick by Red Pill Productions

A great way to harness your naturally abundant psychic energy to help manifest any desire. In a nut-shell, sigil magick is a form of creative visualization that uses the psychic energy evoked by artistic expression to activate and focus the Law of Attraction. It translates your conscious wishes into the highly symbolic and metaphorical language spoken by your unconscious mind, where your true psychic power resides. Learn why comic book superstar author Grant Morrison lives by this simple yet effective mind technique. Feel free to bring your own drawing materials as this will be a hands-on, step-by-step, “how-to” workshop. (But not to worry, Dr. Belky will provide pens and paper for those who need them.) Also bring an open mind, a sense of humor, and a big fat juicy wish that needs fulfilling. Artistic talent NOT required.

4 pm Sacred Chanting by Jax CUUPS

We will be introducing seven easy chants that are commonly used in the Pagan community. We hope these chants will help both newcomers, solitaries, and any others who may not be familiar with chanting in both their magical workings and their journey along their Pagan path.

4pm World of Psychism – A Journey Through the Veil by Paolo Santo

This lecture will provide insight into the realms of Telepathy, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Mediumship, Bi-Location and more!

5 pm Harvest Main Ritual by Heart of Manannan, FoA


Entertainment – Pagan DJ 1pm to 3pm

Jerry J the Ragin’ Pagan! Jerry J is an entertainer/educator with a passion for protecting Mother Earth. He does take requests, but his playlists typically includes Omnia, Spiral Dance, Mama Gina, Dahm the Bard, and more! Ragin’ Pagan plays Pagan, Celtic and World music on his radio show Pagan Sunrise, WPRK 91.5 fm in Winter Park, Florida.

Nonprofit Organizations

Intact Pagan Network: To provide Pagan parents with accurate information on the prepuce organ, circumcision & healthy intact infant care while respecting nature & harming none.

Temple of Earth Gathering: Florida Pagan Gathering provides community education and resources for the Pagan Community.

Phoenix Festivals Inc: To provide Neo-Pagan education, ritual and worship to the public via a five day, four night outdoor venue that includes Pagan entertainment, drumming and fire. 


Food Vendors

The Twisted Toucan – Menu items: Freash Fish and Shrimp on Grilled hashbrowns w/ Fresh Tomato and Onion sauce. YUM Grilled Mojo chicken or pork served on tortilla with black beans and rice, Mango salsas or chutney. Fish and shrimp cabobs grilled and glazed island style.

Victoria’s Flavors Unlimited – Menu items: bubble tea, soft ice cream, fruit smoothies, and Italian ice


Merchandise Vendors

Earth Gifts: Jacksonville’s largest metaphysical supply and gift shop, including: rockshop, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, incense, oils, candles, herbs, books, music, tarot cards, Feng Shui supplies, art prints, statuary, and more! Serving the Jacksonville Alternative & Spirit Communities since 1994!

Aura Visions: Aura photography and interpretations 

A Company of Angels: crystals, incense, smudging supplies, sarongs, skirts, burners, jewelry, books, cards, books

PlanetShelly: handmade jewelry and self-published science fiction and fantasy novels

Jamberry Nails: nail polish, Jamberry nail wraps, and nail care items

Kyrja’s Kreative Korner: all current Rupert’s Tales titles, Rupert’s Tales posters. Leather Tarot/Jewelry boxes and leather discs hand-crafted by Randy

Davas Candles: candles, candle holders, and statues

Rae Razel Costumes: costumes, jewelry, accessories, and costume photography 

Destiny Three Artistry: original abstract, mixed media art and photography

Soap Bomb: various cold process soaps, lip balms, and other sundry items, handmade wood art, and custom painted pieces

Twisted Dragon Kreations: elegant home décor with a pagany theme, various handcrafted witchcraft related tools and accessories, ritual jewelry, along with a few whimsical costume pieces. We also offer a huge variety of vinyl decals perfect for cars, windows or even ones that are safe for the paint inside your homes.

Traci’s Bag Biz (Thirty One Gifts): thirty one brand totes and bags as well as Scentsy candles

Younique: skincare and makeup

Pure Romance by Christy: bath, beauty, massage, and health products

Scentsy: wickless candles, fragranced wax bars, Scentsy buddies, fragranced home, personal, and car items

Mystic Card: Jewelry Handmade Wooden Boxes Stones and crystals, pyramids and spheres Tarot Cards Incenses and oils, candles

The cosmic crafter: Handmade upcycled crochet body and home decor. Including dream catchers, wall art, canvas paintings with yarn, table runners, etc. As a pagan everything I make is cleansed and blessed and many items represent paganism.

Beverly Independent Consultant: handmade crafts and jewelry

H&M Creative Works of Savannah: stones, herbs, oils, and miscellaneous tools and accoutrements

TriLuna Treasures: hand made jewelry

D’s designs: Wiccan candles, jewelry, cloths, and crystals  

Red Pill Productions: Retropunk! Fortune Telling Playing Cards

Re Bath and 5 Day Kitchens: bathroom and kitchen remodeling








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