2017 JaxPPD

Jacksonville Pagan Pride Alliance, Inc

Coordinated by Sanctuary: Realms of Spiritual Growth


17th Annual Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Garden Club of Jacksonville


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization run by volunteers!

Jacksonville’s Pagan Pride Day focuses on accurate education of Paganism, building community, aiding charity, and supporting activism of Paganism. We hope to help foster pride in those that identify as Pagan as well as help others better understand their Pagan family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and more!

Our event is family friendly and open for EVERYONE to attend. Festivities include spiritual workshops, local non-profit and vendor booths, music, charity drives, and community rituals. The event is free, however, we greatly appreciate donations to keep this event running as well as items for our charity drives!

Opening ritual will be performed by Pillars of Prophecy at 11 am and Closing ritual will be performed by Compassion League Temple at 5 pm!

Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors



Caitlin Leopold Art and Design, Rae Razel Costumes, Develins Designs, Twisted K Rocks, Body and Soul, A Company of Angels, Art by Rachie, Thornewood Studios, PlanetShelly, Kryja’s Kreative Korner, Artz Fartz Petz, Soap Bomb, Amethyst Prince, Davas Candles, Triskele Cove, Dragonfly farms, Belham Herbals, Bravos Basics, Familiar Finds, and TriLuna Treasures.


Food Vendors

Tim Miles Concessions, Mama’s Food, and Tikiz Shaved Ice.


Pagan Covens and Groups

Sanctuary: RSG, Chosen Path Church, JaxCUUPS, Compassion League Temple, Heart of Manannan, Olympic House of Venus Hathor, Pillars of Prophecy, and Whisperers of the Waters.

Nonprofit Organizations and Groups

Bringing Food Forests to NE Florida and Phoenix Festivals



11:20 am Norse Paganism: fact and fiction with Jay. Open forum discussion separating Norse Paganism facts from fiction depicted in media such as “History’s Vikings” and “The Marvel Universe” Jay will discuss what they got right. Wrong, and the half truths that have brought new interest in the old Norse rites.

All Day JaxPPA Children’s Crafts with Volunteer Nicki – Please note that parents and child guardians will need to accompany your children and those in your care at all times while at the Kid’s workshop station.

12 pm Gemstone grids by Twisted K’s – How and why we use them.

12 pm Shadow Work with Chosen Path Church – Explore the nine Monads and understand how knowing your Monad will impact your own Shadow Work. Shadow Work is the preparatory work for a Soul Retrieval. Several meditations will be provided to assist your Shadow Work.

1 pm Witchy Drag Show by Hecate & London Givenchy

1 PM Rupert’s Tales and Tunes with Kyrja Kreative Korner – Join Rupert the rabbit in this brand new, interactive story-time workshop as he learns that the Element of Fire has a lot of surprises in store for him! When Leon the lizard stays out after the sun has gone down, in “Some Like it Hot,” he is very cold. Luckily for him, Rupert is nearby. Flare the firefly is an old friend of Leon’s who comes by, glad to see that, this time, he is safe and warm. Grandmother Spinner isn’t far behind to help explain why the Element of Fire is the realm of action, putting words into deeds, and so much more. Become a Friend of Rupert by singing along with Kyrja about bubbles, birds, and wriggly things! Many surprises are in store for everyone who joins us.

1 pm Mysticisms, Magick and More Q&A with Triskele Cove An educational Q&A session with our resident Wiccan Charles Martell. Meant to answer any questions pertaining to the various spiritual practices and traditions that he has researched from his studies of comparative religions at UNF as well as demonstrating the healing and useful capabilities of Tarot/Oracle card readings and Nordic Rune Castings for any and all who wish to participate.

2 pm The Folk Method for Creating Herbal Tinctures with Body & Soul – Tinctures are a long-lasting way to reap the benefits of herbal bounties. They’re stronger than making an herbal infusion (tea) or decoction (herbs boiled in water). You can add drops to tea, water, smoothies, bath water, toothpastes, shampoo, body lotion & oils, recipes, and much more or take them straight. in this class you’ll learn the classic way to make tinctures, experience beautiful-smelling herbs and taste our teas. Come relax with herbs with us!

2 pm Energy Generation Through Movement with Olympic House of Venus-Hathor

3 pm Court of the Dead: Path of Necromancer with Sanctuary: RSG – Learn about this new tradition based on working with Death deities, ancestors, and other spirits using ancient techniques and traditions.

3 pm Chakra Dance Workshop – Trenia Today

4 pm Pillars of Prophecy – Journey into the Psychic World with Paolo Santo Explore psychic phenomenon in this interactive workshop as you journey with Paolo, into many of the unexlpained Spiritual Sciences. See Live Demonstrations of these Psychic Feats.









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