Jacksonville’s Pagan Pride Alliance, Inc focuses on providing accurate information on Paganism and earth-based spirituality, aiding charity, activism, and building an accepting and loving community.  We work to achieve our mission through the following element correspondences.  

  • Education (Air)

    • We will provide accurate information about Paganism and its pathways through the following activities:

    • We will remain open minded, peaceful, and respectful in all discussions.


  • Community (Earth)

    • We coordinate and host the annual Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day, providing the community with a family friendly, free, public event

    • We provide a positive atmosphere for the local community to communicate in a peaceful and tolerant environment, whether it be in person or online in our social media pages and groups.

    • We will support the local economy by providing low cost vending fees during our public events and promoting them through advertising. 

    • We service as a local hub for the local community by providing information about:


  • Charity (Water)

    • We are a nonprofit organization run by volunteers!  Check out our Get Involved page!

    • We will hold charity drives at our events for local nonprofits that practice a nondiscrimination policy on religious beliefs.

    • We host the annual Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day in the Garden Club of Jacksonville, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to beautifying the outdoor spaces of Jacksonville. 

    • We will provide a Charity section with information about local nonprofit organizations that practice a nondiscrimination policy on religious beliefs.

    • We will support local and national nonprofits by allowing for them to have a free booth to distribute information about their organization at Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day.


  • Activism (Fire)

    • We will foster pride in Pagan identity by coordinating and hosting Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day.

    • We provide links to other Pagan activism organization and event websites in our Activism section.





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